Meet The Reapers
Dr. Idiot - Reaper

What is up guys & girls!! I am Dr. Idiot founder of The Outcasts built back March 2019 and still going if you need anything just give me a ping i shall get back to you! A bit about me i love to play on call of duty on my PC and own two chinchillas called Joey and Mr Toast. I hope to see you all on the battle feild!

Eureka - Reaper

My name's Zach aka Eureka or KatNDusty. I have two wonderful daughters that I love more than life itself. In March 2019 Ben (Dr.Idiot) and I left our previous clan in order to create a less stressful more free and open clan for the community to enjoy. I believe we succeeded. I took an LOA from the clan late last year into earlier this year but I'm back baby. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask one of us!

Kardia - Demon Overlord

My name's Tyler (otherwise known as Kardia online), I'm 22 years old and I'm from a small town in California. I'm currently playing Independent pro baseball and working part time in the off season. I am also continuing my degree in Criminal Justice and soon to be Graphic Design. I love to game, meet new people and have a great time. I'm open to almost anything, so long as the environment stays friendly. I always accept new people and will talk about pretty much anything. I'm a nice guy, kinda random and wild at times, and always looking to socialize!

xGalacticReaper - Demon Overlord

Whats up guys, my name is Drew otherwise know as The Galactic Reaper, I am a ps4 player but I constantly look to play with my fellow outcasts whether it be crossplay or on ps4 itself, I have a purebred Russian Blue cat named Mr.Wolf and currently in college for medical billing and coding, if you ever need me or want to play just ping or Message me and if I'm not busy ill join up. Reaper out mic drop

TOC || Reinorich - Demon Overlord

Hi! I'm Andrew (or Rein) and I'm from southern England! I am 17 years old and I like streaming many types of games. My hobbies are Photography, Music and video editing/creating. I enjoy playing my guitar and my drums, learning new songs to play etc... If you ever wanna say hello or talk about stuff, DM me on discord

TOC || Special Specs - Demon Overlord

Hey guy, SpecialSpecs here! I’m our Pro Team Overlord; I schedule events, and make sure all our teams have every resource available to them. If you want to schedule a tournament or anything like that with us, I’m your guy! I also play daily, so if you are just looking for a gaming buddy, just hit me up.