Meet The Reapers
Dr. Idiot - Reaper

What is up guys & girls!! I am Dr. Idiot founder of The Outcasts built back March 2019 and still going if you need anything just give me a ping i shall get back to you! A bit about me i love to play on call of duty on my PC and own two chinchillas called Joey and Mr Toast. I hope to see you all on the battle feild!

Eureka - Reaper

My name's Zach aka Eureka or KatNDusty. I have two wonderful daughters that I love more than life itself. In March 2019 Ben (Dr.Idiot) and I left our previous clan in order to create a less stressful more free and open clan for the community to enjoy. I believe we succeeded. I took an LOA from the clan late last year into earlier this year but I'm back baby. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask one of us!

TOC || Reinorich - Demon Overlord

Hi! I'm Andrew (or Rein) and I'm from southern England! I am 17 years old and I like streaming many types of games. My hobbies are Photography, Music and video editing/creating. I enjoy playing my guitar and my drums, learning new songs to play etc... If you ever wanna say hello or talk about stuff, DM me on discord

TOC || Special Specs - Demon Overlord

Hey guy, SpecialSpecs here! I’m our Pro Team Overlord; I schedule events, and make sure all our teams have every resource available to them. If you want to schedule a tournament or anything like that with us, I’m your guy! I also play daily, so if you are just looking for a gaming buddy, just hit me up.