Staff Ranks

—•The Reapers•—


The Reapers appear in black. These are the creators and owners of The Outcasts server. They are the final word on almost everything that goes on in this server. The worst of situations and biggest of updates go to them before anything!


—•The Demon Overlords•—


The Demon Overlords also appear in black. These are the second in commands to the Reapers. They are trusted to become in charge when the Reapers are not able to be active. They also handle situations and updates within The Outcasts.


—•The Demons•— The Demons appear in Red and are the highest of moderators. They may handle any situation, assist in making changes, and distribute temporary discipline to any who may be unfair and disrespectful to any member. They may give or remove roles upon request so long as they see fit.


—•The Hellhounds•— The Hellhounds appear in a Green. They moderate the server and make sure the rules are being followed and everyone is doing well. They also try and moderate any problem that may persist and bring it to a resolution.


—•Members•— Members vary in colours based on their house. They are members of The Outcasts and are not required to do anything but be respectful and active and have fun within the server.




Recruits appear in white until given member status. These are new members to the community. We like to welcome them warmly and accept them into our server!